Serenity and silence. 

With time, I have come to fear nature. The chaos we humans have created seems to be preparing to ricochet with full force. 

I fear that one day it may all come crashing down on us. Intense rain coated with just a hint of serenity. Hurricanes that’ll shatter the machines that create magic from our fingertips. Floods that drown us along with the self constructed shackles that hold their grip so tight. 

I fear that we take nature for granted. That one day it’ll be decided that man can no longer be seen as friend but as foe. 

As I stand here in the mountains, I realize that it is nature we humans fear most, that it isn’t our weapon or resource but garlands that’ll continue to be beautiful regardless of our existence. 

I’m in the midst of clouds, the peaceful white that surrounds me is like burden vaporising off of my skin. The old fort that stands tall behind me, holds stories that bypass over five hundred years. The fresh fruit that grows here feels as though I’ve eaten all that beauty that surrounds me just so I can contain a part of it within me. The birds here have an eager melancholy, as through they understand that often even the silence needs to silenced.

Uncanny is it not? That the winds, the water, the soil that we so casually take for granted as mere tools, if personified could answer everything that haunts all of mankind. It’s purpose, it’s origin or perhaps even it’s future. It’s unsettling to know that they know everything, like their true beauty lies in the years of wisdoms and stories they’ve seem that are only just legends to us. 

I wonder if I try to talk to them, will they tell me the secrets and let me drown myself in it’s glory?

With love, always, 

Ramsheher fort, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India 

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  1. theonlysup says:

    I love nature. The greenery the serenity.. Mother earth has more patience than anyone else. But I too fear she is losing her patience now.. And the effect would be real bad. Hope human understand this

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    1. I hope so too. Thank you

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