Sharma Ji;

Sharma Ji is a dark, chubby, old man who lives up in the hills of Himachal where he makes little bowls of flavor for the few travelers who dare to revisit the history that lies in those valleys.

Sharma Ji is a world class chef. He doesn’t quite understand the concept of a crowded kitchen for he cooks in lone rooms.

Sharma Ji served us for three days and two nights, combating our whims with boxes of deliciousness.

His tea has just a hint of saffron enveloped in infused ginger with a splash of sugar that peers from behind the curtain; just enough to be recognized.

His mutton curry has a hundred spices that blend together so perfectly and leave behind the ashes of Mughal influence.

Sharma Ji’s mango chutney reeks of the freshness that grows in his backyard. The sweetness overwhelms with a burning sensation that completes any dish.

He carefully handpicks fruits for breakfast from the orchards at his disposal and accompanies his trademark Aloo Tiki with a cheesy twist and gently onions cut into perfect rings.

Sharma Ji is a beautiful soul that carries an aura of positivity in the threatening valleys of nature. He wears the same of pants and a clean shirt regardless of the audience.

He takes pride in his work.

His laugh is characteristic of warmth and love as he graciously accepts our gratitude.

Dear Sharma Ji,

A simple man with a deep and endearing love for food. I will cherish and remember you for as long as my memory permits.

With love,

The Delhi Girl




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