#The Anonymous Letters Project

Dear Life,

“For billions of years since the outset of time,

every single one of your ancestors has survived.

Every single person on your mom and dad’s side,

successfully looked after and passed on to you life.

What are the chances of that like?” – The Streets

Do you remember our vows?

How we omitted:

“Until death do us part.”


I think we both knew this marriage would be short lived.

I am so sorry, this is my fault.

I changed.

I became more demanding,

less concerned with how you were feeling.

I am not selfish. I promise.

Although people always managed to convince you otherwise.

The truth is, I just battle to see the bigger picture sometimes.


We thought the medication would help, it didn’t.

We thought the therapy would work, we told everyone it did.


I used to be your yes man,

your I will always do my best man.

You and me vs. the rest man.


I remember the first night I got physical.

I never meant to hurt you.

That’s a lie, the first of many.


I know we fought a lot,

but you won every single argument.

I always knew when to call it a day, sleep it off.

Eventually the nights grew longer.

I tried to be your rock, but you wanted me to be stronger.


“You should do more!”

“You know what happens when I walk out that door!”


It was never enough.

I was never enough.

Never enough.




Why didn’t I push a little harder?

I can’t believe I took no for an answer.


Sincerely, Suicide.

Hey guys! This letter is a part of my newest pet project called “The anonymous letters project” The name in itself is fairly self explanatory, I want to offer to all the writers, the poets, the deep thinkers, the lovers and everyone who feels the need to express; a platform where they can be honest and address letters to whomever and whatever they want without the fear of judgement. Ideally, the writers name is meant to be anonymous, however, in certain cases, the name may be revealed if the person so chooses.

If anyone wishes to be a part of this project they may email me their letters  at niyati.s492@gmail.com  or fill this form if they wish to keep their identity a complete secret.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    Painful note..

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