#The Anonymous Letters Project

Hey guys! This letter is a part of my newest pet project called “The anonymous letters project” The name in itself is fairly self explanatory, I want to offer to all the writers, the poets, the deep thinkers, the lovers and everyone who feels the need to express; a platform where they can be honest and address letters to whomever and whatever they want without the fear of judgement. Ideally, the writers name is meant to be anonymous, however, in certain cases, the name may be revealed if the person so chooses.

If anyone wishes to be a part of this project they may email me their letters  at niyati.s492@gmail.com  or fill this form if they wish to keep their identity a complete secret.


Death, Notice how I didn’t write dear before your name.

I hope you’re wondering why, like I wonder why do you have to steal people away from me. You must be thinking, how silly I am, how foolish I am, that I don’t understand your way of work. That for this cycle of birth to be continued, people have to die.

But don’t take me for a naive girl who doesn’t understand you and your ways. I know them all too well. I know that for this cycle of life to go on, you have to keep snatching away people’s loved ones. I don’t hate you for that. I pity you, instead.

I pity the fact that you are hated on by so many people. Even more, that you don’t understand why you are hated so much.

So here I am, sitting in a dark room with just the glow of the computer screen, writing this letter to you.

Telling you why I -and most of the people- hate you.

I hate you because you take people away too soon, Death.

Why, please tell me, that an old man who is rotting in his own body, who has no one to care for him, who is begging for you, still lives but a young girl of 13 who has her whole life ahead of her, who wanted to live, had dreams and aspirations, gets Cancer and passes away?

Why take away lives which haven’t even been born; stillborn babies?

Why snatch their mother from a baby who is just born, not even giving a chance to get to know their life giver?

Why take away parents whose children aren’t settled yet?

Why children, leaving the parents wishing for you?

Why untimely deaths, immediate deaths, accidental deaths?


I wish you would change your ways.

I wish you would take away those who need to go. Whose life here on Earth is hell. Not those who you think deserve it.

There is always someone or the other who’ll hate you, but I hope you bring changes in your ways, making them hate you just a little bit lesser.


The Girl Who Lost Her Mother Too Soon.

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  1. theonlysup says:

    Loss is always irrevocable.. And I know how it feels for I have faced the situation.. But only thing we can do is to remember the way they lived .. And believe they are still guiding us.. Protecting us from odds.. And giving us enormous strength thru the memories..

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