#The Anonymous Letters Project

Dear hysterical friend,

Transcendent bits of joy won’t fill the diurnal void, the hole punched in your gut by your fate. The sphere of nothingness will engulf all of your moments of apparent joy because in the end there are only negative vibes around us, at least we only pick up on those and any positive flux you get doesn’t last.

It’s easier to be sad all the time because cynicism is at the convenient end of the spectrum. Try reaching out to the other end sometimes. The grass is greener on the other side because the lighting is good ; it’s not different from the comforting, warm and mildly flat patch you have because truthfully?

We are the human race and we only know how to pick out imperfections and strive. For us elusive is ideal because we have knowledge of only WORKING for perfection we’re oblivious to the ways of recognition.

So good luck trying to fill that void with heaps of what is socially accepted as happy. Throw in parties ,drinks and adventures. Hurl in good books, brilliant food and stimulating company. Decorate your void with garlands of love but it will only grow bigger. You see , that pit you feel inside you is made to consume; bad or good is not a concern in its diet. The only way to diminish it beyond it’s existence is to believe that it has. If you continue to believe it needs to fed…….you will have to.


Ambiguous Preacher

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