#The Anonymous Letters Project

To the girl who’s leaving,
Once again here I am writing to her.
And I dont mind, really, not one bit.
I don’t mind her leaving,
For it’s her piece of happiness,
And it’s her life.
But yet I do strive
To tell her this,
While looking her in the eye
Deep and infinite like the sky
I want to tell her this,
That I really loved her.
Not something that matters,
But yes I did,
And I want to tell her this,
While holding her close,
Cause she is my rose.
I might not be hers,
But it doesnt matter yet again.
I want to tell her this,
Be it in the rain,
Or with the sun as witness.
I just want to tell her this,
That I will really miss her.

Some words said, some unsaid. She is a great person, really. One you can’t really help falling in love with. Why should I be an exception? In *The Fault in our Stars*, After Hazel tells Gus that she wants to minimise the casualties, he says this. And here I say it too.
It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.
We were never really a thing, cause there was nothing from her side. But as long as it was there from me, it was enough. We already lived far enough, now she is leaving yet again, farther away. I will really miss her. Here I say this to her only :
‘I will really miss you. With utmost respect , I’d love for you to be my first kiss, but that’s not possible, and I don’t mean to offend you here. You’ve always been a great friend, and I hope to see you again. Of course we will? Come back soon.

Hey guys! This letter is a part of my newest pet project called “The anonymous letters project” The name in itself is fairly self explanatory, I want to offer to all the writers, the poets, the deep thinkers, the lovers and everyone who feels the need to express; a platform where they can be honest and address letters to whomever and whatever they want without the fear of judgement. Ideally, the writers name is meant to be anonymous, however, in certain cases, the name may be revealed if the person so chooses.

If anyone wishes to be a part of this project they may email me their letters  at niyati.s492@gmail.com  or fill this form if they wish to keep their identity a complete secret.

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