Belgium- Day 1

31 August 2016; 04:00 am; Indra Gandhi International Airport (Terminal 3)

I leave the comfort of a place I have been calling home for the past eleven years. The reality of it all hadn’t quite sunk in until I called my best friend and discussed the possibility of meeting  upon y return. On the fabric of time, those two ends between then and now were not going to meet anytime soon. Maybe I could keep myself busy enough to let time play one of it’s magic trick and lead me into believing it could fly.

4:40 am; Etihad Airways (Business Class)

Okay, one’s gotta admit that business class has some amazing perks. With cocktails and juices flying around and the big bang theory at your disposal, it’s really hard to imagine economy class ever again. While flying alone made me more uncomfortable and nostalgic than I thought possible, it also made me financially wise. Or maybe it just took away my appetite.

9:00 am; Abu Dhabi International Airport (Business Class Lounge)

Cheap coffee and cigarette coated breaths consumed this airport. At least there was free WiFi, my phone not working while travelling is probably the greatest tragedy of all time.

Everywhere I looked, I started to see less people and more stories in the making.

2:15 pm; Brussels International Airport

This place is pretty empty for a place that’s the headquarters of the European Union. They also have a train station in the airport, how cool is that? Travelling here shouldn’t be very difficult. They have cute coffee shops everywhere.

3:00 pm; AFS Intercultural Offices (Near Antwerp)

My welcoming party may not be huge, but it sure was cute. I bet they could feel the vibes of excitement vaporizing off of me. The skyline is pretty low, but that makes the scenario even better. The city was in a nutshell really cute and medieval. I really look forward to exploring more here but I was done going around alone for a while.

The people here dress so casually but they manage to look stunning. It’s a wonder how they do it.

5:00; Dilbeek (Home city)

My home city is a small lowkey town. The town is a perfect example of suburban. With it’s over-sized sunflowers growing everywhere, huge backyards, greenery and peace. I couldn’t help but compare it to the colossal mess that my town back in India is. I would probably prefer this place for a while, it made me feel like I was in a movie; but Delhi’s hustle bustle has it’s own charm.

I stay in a big house that nests my host mother, sister and brother. The house mostly remains quiet and slightly messy, but it’s definitely cleaner than my room back at home. I unpacked my belongings into my cozy little room and had an early dinner.

It was strange being in a place that was home but not quite.

6:00 pm; Bathtub 

My mom never used to allow bathtubs at home, they create a mess anyway.

I miss mom. I miss mom. I miss mom. This was a bad decision. What if I can’t adjust and settle in? What if coming here was a bad idea? Why was I running and from what?

I miss home.

8:00 pm; Bed

A few tears, six conversations and half an hour of getting a grip on myself later, I realized that it was going to be okay. I wasn’t here to miss things, even though that went hand in hand, I had everyone who loves me and a lot of me and this place left to discover.

*Coming to a new place can be overwhelming and very confusing. With a lot more to come, I’ve braced myself for things I will have to deal with. I realized that it didn’t matter what person I was ten hours ago, all that mattered was the person I choose to be right this moment and I was gonna be the best version of myself because before  I know it, I’ll be on my flight back to Delhi. *



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