Belgium- Day 2

8:00 am ; 1st September 2016 

My host sister has her first day of school today, she isn’t very excited. Personally I used to love the first day of school, meeting old friends and finding out teachers, no study, it was exciting. I think it’s fairly different here, specially when you have to walk or ride a bike or twenty minutes by yourself to get to school. It’s a little difficult to make out what time to wake up is early and what is late, even though I wake up early as per Indian time, it’s hard to tell if that’s acceptable here.

They also have the best green apples here, they’re so crunchy and fresh it’s bewildering.

10:00 am; Study Room 

While I’m here and not achieving much, I might as well study for my AP Biology. It probably would’ve been easier if I went to USA, it’s slightly tough to be positive when you don’t understand a majority of the conversations.

I also wanna start my research project as soon as possible, so that I at least have an aim to work towards.

2:00 pm ; Regina Caeli School 

The school’s here are definitely different. They’re bigger and stranger. Like a movie. The directors were pretty impressed with my grades although in India, they aren’t exactly considered high. The people seem nice but they also seem very different from the sort of person I am. I start school on Monday which is great because I do not want to be falling asleep in my first class.

While I’ll be studying the ‘human sciences’ and dealing with mandatory Physical Education, I can’t help but wonder what I want to do back in India. The subjects are a lot tougher there and more rigorous. The classes here are divided as hours per week whereas we just have all subjects in a day, everyday. Even the class size here is different, 25 students is considered a lot whereas we have at least a minimum of 35 and in some cases 45.Guess they like attention more than us.

4:00 pm ; Near the town hall 

I hung out with my host sister and a friend of hers. It’s not as easy to talk to people here, while they’re easy to approach and warm at heart, it is tough to find a common topic. I love how they dress though, it’s almost too cold for me here. 

I miss the organized chaos that India is. 

We sat near the lake, I think that was the best part of the day. The weather is perfect here to just sit and think. 

We went to a chocolatier here as well, I’ve never seen a shop just dedicated purely to chocolate. It’s amazing. The chocolate is so rich and different. I wonder how dairy milk would feel about these chocolates. 

5:30 pm ; On the walk home 

 Roads are long, so are the days. I’m not used to walking much, we just take a rickshaw back there. One doesn’t quite like walks a lot when there isn’t more than a bed to come back to. It’s like one long green path. It’s beautiful to be honest, I feel as though I’d have enjoyed it more if I was on vacation. One would probably expect more to happen but when you know you’re at a place to stay, time ticks slower.

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