Belgium- Day 3

8:30 am; 2 September 2016 

Personally, I can’t decide whether it’s getting easier or harder to be here. On one hand I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable as the days pass and on the other I keep singling out things I miss about India.

10:00 am; Town Hall 

My host brother took me to the to the town hall to get registered today. He’s a lot older to my host sister and not as talkative but he’s really nice.

There will be a police verification after which we’ll be called back. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard my dad say those words because he’s a consultant for the foreign registration ministry and well, we follow the same process in India.

2:00 pm ; Lawn

Tequila is one of the cutest dogs I’ve met. She’s so photogenic, like way more than I am at least. I played with her in the lawn for quite some time, I never really played with my own dog back at home. I don’t know why. Every time I pick a different stick she wants the one I have, makes it easy to manipulate her. It made me think about him, made me think about how every time he was out of reach I wanted him more. My best friends are all in similar scenarios, we run after exactly what we can’t have because it seems better, so much better that we forget about what we do have. I think it’s a law of nature, a state of mind we are all bound by but don’t really realize.

5:00 pm; Living Room 

We watched television for the rest of the day after my sister came back from school. Not very different from what I usually do. I still keep searching for familiar smells and sounds and tastes. My brother says I’ll have adjusted completely the day I stop searching for them.

Until that day.


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