Belgium- Day 4

10:00 am; 3 September 2016 (Saturday)

I am so glad that weekends are one of those lazy days here because I was afraid I woke up too late. It’s slightly hard to tell what’s late and what’s early. I like this green apple muesli they have here so I eat that almost every morning, they also have green apples which is great because I love those. I’ve been eating a lot healthier and less junk at random times; mostly because I don’t wanna randomly take stuff but also because I don’t feel as hungry. Ah mom would love this lifestyle. Quiet, green, fresh vegetables and fruits, healthy. All crevices just scream out her name.

1:00 pm; Backyard

My host mom’s sister came today. She has two of them. Since my host mother tore her ligament, she can’t walk or drive around so her sister made us all a really nice lunch. Salmon, vegetables *Loads of vegetables* and boiled cauliflower. We had it out in the backyard because it was a sunny day, although the food lacked what I call “masala”, it was delicious. They also offered me champagne, but I am not taking any chances here.

I also met my youth Councillor, she’s super pretty and young so I’m glad she’s here. She dropped off my new sim card and a few books I need for school.

4:00 pm; Village Market 

So, I have to buy some mandatory sports shoes for the ‘mandatory’ sports they have here in school. They cost me 55 Euros and I swear I couldn’t stop converting everything into rupees and I felt so bad for spending even though they would’ve cost me the same back in India. My brother says that after a certain point I’ll stop converting all prices. For now I’m out of cash and need to get my account opened as soon as possible. Thank god that that’s free at least.

5:00 pm; Around Dilbeek 

The slopes. Here. Are killing. Me. Cycling here is harder than back in India. I’ll either fall sick from all the cold wind giving me a brain freeze or die from all the strain my lungs have to endure. The neighborhood is beautiful though, I’m starting to recognize a few places like the town hall and flower shop and the old horse stable but it’s a little tough because it doesn’t seem to really sink in.

Maybe with time.


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