Belgium- Day 5

Well, my day began with my best friends wishing me at 12:00 am (IST) which so great. I spoke to my best friend after so many days and it was so nice to hear her voice. My birthday was a pretty lowkey day but it was also a beautiful day.

A friend of mine sent me the sweetest email to wish me and can I just say I really needed to hear everything that he wrote. I also spoke to mom, dad and my brother which was lovely because I was missing their voice, usually on my birthday we go out for dinner and it was my first birthday away from home; that too my sixteenth.

It gets weird here sometimes, like having the same conversation over and over again, just different faces. Most of all, this place has been giving me time to think and analyze relationships with ‘friends’ back at home. The progress is well…interesting and unexpected. I am also usually too tired to blog but I really wanna keep up the rhythm and flow.

Anyway, Aunt Lillian came over today and she made the most beautiful and lavish lunch, sausages and chicken, potatoes and vegetables, salad and wine. It was beautiful. She also brought me a gift for my birthday which I thought was so nice on her part since she met me for the first time.

After this we cut two cakes for me, one of them was a sour cherry cake which is very different from anything I’ve had before. Super sour and kinda like an apple pie dish. It wasn’t how I imagined my sixteenth but it was pretty darn great.

After this, I got things ready for my first day of school and for the first time in the short while I’ve been here, me and my host sister really bonded. It’s nice to have a sister for a change.

The days are fairly uneventful but the silence is making room for growth.

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