Day 7- A state of constant nostalgia

I can’t decide what’s easier, thirteen really interesting subjects or five in depth subjects. Studying in dutch is definitely hard, most of the time I’m just lost in thought or writing in Hindi in my notebook because I usually don’t want people to be able to understand. Most kids in my class asked me to write their names in Hindi for them, it’s adorable.

There are a few things I love about the school here, despite the lack of being able to understand things. Firstly, the teachers are really nice, and they know how to hold the attention of the class and keep things interesting. They are also really helpful, they try to involve me whenever and wherever possible or they find ways to help me integrate with the class. Secondly, the students try to help me out in whatever way they can, they’re really friendly and seem to genuinely want to know about India. Having the same conversations and stupid awkward smile all the time is strange but it’s all I can really do.

The amount of physical work here is something I’m not really used to but  the hardest is the cycling to and from school, the slopes are really hard for me to cover without feeling like my legs will fall off or my lungs will burst. Cycling back is usually easier though. I’m starting to be able to find my way to school even though I’m still not familiar with the environment. All I really know is right from the town hall and flower shop.

My friends have been so supportive of me, constantly checking in to see what I’m doing, if I’m okay, if I need anything, trying to courier hoodies for me. It is so nice and so comforting. It also makes me miss them a lot. The hardest question I’ve had to answer here is, “Don’t you miss home?”, such a simple question, so many emotions. I’m going to try to make the best of this, it’s tough because days are mostly a blur and I know that before I get a change to digest this, it’ll be over. But then again, it’s only just begun.

I miss home a little more and a little less as the days go by, it’s weird, everything is just a jumble of things and I can’t decide what’s right and what isn’t. The next two weeks, I will be travelling to Brussels for dutch lessons which means I can sleep a little longer and travel a little more.

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