Belgium- What school here is like

Since I have realized that it isn’t possible for me to be posting everyday, I have decided to keep updating you all as and when possible.

Lets start with school shall we?

The ride to school is my least favorite part of the day, Belgium isn’t all plains the way I assumed, instead it is a country built solely on extremely low lying hills; hills that seem fairly steep regardless of what gear you’re on on your cycle. But I have to admit that it makes the ride back ten times more fun.

Upon reaching school I’m more often than not just confused. In India, if you’re alone wandering in halls you’re considered as somewhat of a loner  which is why I usually keep looking for things to do or people to talk to here. They have WiFi in school here which makes it easier for me to look like more of a normal human and less of a loner.

Surprisingly, English classes are my third favorite class here, my brain is at an orgasmic level of calm when I can finally comprehend everything. Dutch classes definitely top the list of favorite classes, and ninety nine percent of that is because of this amazing teacher I have, she’s so energetic and so helpful, it makes me want to ace her subject. French classes are my second favorite mostly because the teacher actually gives a shit about me and recognizes me as an exchange student who has stories to tell, and so she tries to give exercises that include me or that would include me having to share some of the traditions in India; something that out substitute English teacher doesn’t do. Most of the other classes are good but if you think math is bad, then my friend you have’t done math in dutch, it’s like Chinese and Greek combined.

School feels like one long class with different teachers with occasional (almost always) conversations with myself in my head because I don’t understand, but I really like my subjects. I currently have, science,geography, history, religion, modern art (filming), dutch, french, English, psychology, and sociology. I can’t decide whether our system is more stressful or theirs. Eh I don’t think it matters, students hate both. But school here is the be all end all of a students life, there’s no absenteeism, while in India it’s just like “Oh what the heck who cares, I have better stuff to do.”

The past weekend I also went to a family friend’s home for lunch in Leuven. You know, the food here is all meat, there’s barely any carbs, but hey I’m not complaining. I f you ask me, Pork with tuna sauce, meatballs with olives, Pasta, Melon, Roasted Salmon, Ham, and champagne and a doughnut like desert sound like a pretty sweet deal to me.

I also visited Brussels on Sunday to do a test run to see where my dutch classes will be held since I have to go there for two weeks alone by train. Buy I had my first waffle with chocolate sauce and I must say I expected a little more because my friends rave about it but needless to say it was absolutely mind-numbingly delicious. To add to that I have been having loads of Belgian fries because well they’re amazing. I’m gonna try to order them in dutch the next time. Brussels has the kind of environment you see in times square, music, people doing all sorts of art on the street, It’s really beautiful and the central square have a whole orchestra playing and medieval European buildings all around with so many stories to tell.

Brussels Square (Image Source)

My classes for dutch will be two weeks long in Brussels daily and I will find my way daily (hopefully), more on those stories later.

Until then.

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