Day 23- Belgium

Things that my inner voice has said to me the past few days on train rides in a foreign country I now call home;

(i) I wonder why there is no universal language if all the emotions we try to convey are more often than not the same with just different strings of alphabets joined together to explain to another mortal what they feel in another part of the world.

(ii) Stereotypes one grows up with tend to stick no matter how much you try to fight them.

(iii) There used to be a time when butterflies could be felt inside and out. Today, it’s like an exterior being driven from inside like a mere piece in a video game. The world feels like a cluster of atoms, with no need to put in effort to impress or depress. As though I’m just living life for the heck of it.

(iv) I have never taken off so many people from my friend lists before.

(v) The harder you try to hold on to pieces you leave behind, the more you end up depressing yourself. Some things don’t deserve a place in your life. Have enough self respect to walk away.

(vi) Stop running when you get lost. Sometimes it’s okay to just stop, miss that train and get a coffee.

For the past two weeks I have been a part of an intensive dutch class in order to gain some control of the language. While the class has been extremely fun and a lot more exciting than school, I love that I met people from different countries. It’s like a congregation of nationalities and languages.

My trips have mostly been characterized by trying weird ice teas and waffles, fried for lunch and beautiful berries for breakfast. I went to a store a few days ago, it’s run by a Pakistani couple who spoke to me in Hindi and gave me free sauce with my fries. They also recognized me today and invited me to eat with them at their food joint. It’s nice to see this level of love miles away from where our country’s are about to declare war on each other.

I’ve started to find my way and I have also started to learn to just stop sometimes. Today we had a treasure hunt around Brussels, while I wish we had more time, we did things like photobomb tourists and ask strangers to play rock paper scissors with us.

I wonder what more adventures this year is about to bring to me, even though I feel each day, I already feel like it is flying by. For now, I must try to let go and create the magic and love I recognize so well.  Who says you can’t find it in a city you don’t belong to.

The place where Italy, India and Brazil become a squad unlike any other.

Until Then.

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