Day 44- The stress Is real 

So I haven’t been up to much lately. It’s so cold that it is almost impossible for me to go to school in the mornings. Aide from that, I’m trying to keep my focus on studies because I really do wanna achieve something while I’m here. People think it’s one long vacation so it’s dumb to study but I think it’s okay, specially if I like it.

Now, Most people back at home know that I am not the best when it comes to cooking Indian food. I’m more of a 2am-inspired-to-make-cookies kinda girl. But it turn out that  make some pretty rad Biryani. Yes, I may have screwed up in the middle and texted my parents to save me in sheer panic; So what if I made a mess in the kitchen, I’m used to having servants, can’t blame me. The food was great, and that’s all that matters right? Right…? I usually like my Biryani a lot spicier and maybe with onions and a spicy meat curry but it turns out that if I had put any more spice than I already had, most people here would faint, burn or get sick. Or all of the above.

We have an AFS activity for which I have to cook Indian so let’s just hope I can cook something that won’t kill their taste buds all together.

I didn’t go to school the past few days because I felt a little under the weather, more like freezing. But my class texted me to check on whether I was okay and it was so sweet and heartwarming because trying to get comfortable in a new environment is the single hardest challenge in an exchange program. It just finally felt like it’ll all be okay, you know?

I have a presentation in Dutch class next Tuesday about India, not a long one but I really look forward to it. Talking about home is really fun because the cultures are so different and it’s just poles apart in some ways and it’s so exciting.

My parents also sent me some Maggie and a copy of the Mahabharata, I actually really wanna read it. It was so cool getting stuff from home, I could identify and remember all shops from the printing on the bags.

Lastly, we’ll be going to the Netherlands tomorrow and I really look forward to it!

Until then


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