Day 54- Netherlands

So. Let me fill you in on what has happened in the past ten days. 

I went to the Netherlands, which is about a two hour drive from our house. We went to a small town called Delft. It’s fairly close to Amsterdam and it’s the cutest place ever. They have these small mideval European housed with their big windows. Did you know there used to be a tax on windows on the front of the house, so the bigger your windows were, the richer you were. We even saw a house where the person had take out the door from the front of his house and entered his house from the garden to evade the tax on the huge windows he had in the front. Some price to pay for sunlight eh? We took a boat ride around the town since the whole town has canals. It used to be an important trading center. They have a building here that should be more popular than the leaning tower of Pisa because it’s taller and leans more to the side whereas the leaning tower was a mere mistake and started sinking while being built. You can find more information about that here because I didn’t listen to the rest of what the guide said unfortunately. 


We even went for a Harry potter exhibition which had recreated literally every single thing from the books. From the rooms, to the horcruxes to the page on which Dolores made Harry write, “I must not tell lies”. It was super cool. I was so psyched. I even bought those all flavor beans thinking they’ll have good tastes, but turns out ear wax and vomit flavoured beans are a real thing. And they’re not so good.

Hermione’s wand and the gryffindor scarf

Last Friday, I went for a party with my host sister, it was called “Turbulence”. It was definitely better than the last party I went to, but I think that one was supposed to be a bigger party. Anyhow, I enjoyed it. I may have also had one too many red bulls because I could not sleep. 

Flight tickets to Turbulence

We then carved pumpiks for Halloween! It’s not really easy but it was super fun! They don’t really trick or treat here but they have parties and stuff so yeah. 

Pre-Halloween Things

On Sunday, we went for FACTs, the comic con and honestly, I never really knew what comic cons were like. Turns out they’re actually really fun. I met a lot of Harley Quinns and Jokers but it was mostly just cosplay and robot fights and loads of stuff to buy. I think comic cons could really be my thing from now. 

The star wars troop

I’m currently in religion class, I’m not really following many lessons but I kinda like religion. I like all my teachers actually, they’re so nice. My religion teacher gave me a 10/10 in my presentation last week and those are the only grades I have in my “report card”, aside from the not so great marks in sports, which I kinda expected. Aside from that, my teachers try to keep me involved. My dutch teacher dedicated an entire class to talking about India and even got me her children’s books for me to read in class, surprisingly, I understood the stories. My French teacher keeps giving me assignments and asking for my opinion on things as well, she’s so lovely. The sociology teacher has also been involving me a lot and just gave me an assignment for a presentation regarding press freedom. I’m really looking forward to it. 

My religion teacher asked me to read a book and present it and talk about things like what humans may be, and life and religion and the universe in it’s entirety. Can you believe that? What I would give to do something like that isn’t even funny. I’m so excited. 

In other news,

Tomorrow, our school is taking us to a Syrian refugee camp in Brussels. I even sent an inquiry to volunteer. I’m really eager to talk to these people. 

On the coming friday, I have an AFS meeting for an event that’s coming up. We’ll all be cooking food from our countries and I’ll wear Indian clothes (if I manage to tie my saree) and I also plan to take some small gift for that Pakistani couple that is so nice to me in Brussels since Diwali is coming up in India, and what better way to celebrate major festivals than share the love with people who share so much history with mine. 

And finally, on Saturday, we head to Spain for one week. To bask in the sun and engage in some harmless shopping. 

I will later go into details about how I’ve been feeling and things that have crossed my mind through things. 

Until then

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