Day 61- Spain

Hello everyone.

Last Wednesday, our school took us to meet and talk to a Syrian Refugee. To tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to learn more about pain. I believe that the lessons you can learn from even hearing about the pain someone has been through can move mountains. It’s a part of the reason I am who I am today. Stories.

The man I met was from Aleppo, he is one of the lucky few who could leave in time and afford to be exploited in situation that would’ve been fatal for anyone without resources. But I don’t know if lucky is the word we should be using.

While we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him and really hear how he felt about this journey, I get the feeling that there is something inside him that is itching to get out there. Something that is consuming his very being. In one way or another, he was able to convey what that was.


Somewhere he could’t live with the fact that he could escape, that he got a second chance when so many others didn’t. His home now lies in shambles and he is forced to start afresh, in a country he knows nothing about, with the bare minimum of resources and a language he doesn’t yet speak. I don’t think I could’ve done it. I don’t think I would be able to live through the pain of being smuggled, forced, exploited, threatened, and nearly dying just to get one more shot at life.

It makes one think about everything happening around us. How controlled we are by humans that were once meant to be equal to us. Humans that are in fact, equal to us. They hold power because we once allowed it. It hurts me so much how we exploit our luxury of being human. How did we manage to screw up so bad? How did we manage to learn to fight for a resource that is exhaustive, manage to want way more than one can possibly need. How do we manage to have the ability to think and yet not feel? To not learn from our mistakes. Even animals can be conditioned to to identify right and wrong on the basis of past experience.

How are we so deluded?


My class danced on Bollywood songs with me last Friday. Teachers here give a new definition to being cool. I really like them though, they make it feel like home.

On Friday night, I was walking the streets of Brussels with my friends well past dark, and honestly, the things you learn about a country after dark are it’s truest and sweetest secrets. It filled me with some really good vibes.

In other news, I’m currently in Spain and have officially cut it off my bucket list because well, the European Union is cool that way. I have never before seen the sea and sky merge to well together in the melange of dark and light blue consuming half the horizon.I don’t think I’ve seen so much undisturbed sky before. It’s truly beautiful.

Until Later


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