Day 67- Alicante

So, in my last two days in Spain. I visited the town of Alicante. 

The life is Spain seems like a dreamland. Everything is slow and easygoing. The sun comes out and pours love into the ocean spurting out beautiful shades of blue while all humans try to grasp and roll is the beauty it creates. 

I took the dog for a walk and tried to absorb the reality of it all. 

One of the few things I will probably remember for life is the fact that I witnessed a Christian wedding (in Spanish). The bride looked gorgeous and traditional and so infectiously happy. 

There was a point where everyone started kissing each other in the church, turns out it’s a tradition and I wasn’t just going crazy. I think it’s a lovely way of greeting, regardless of whether you know the person or not. 

The weddings aren’t loud or shiny or grandeur like those in India, they’re more quiet and peaceful and about a lot of love. You can almost feel it in the room. 

I find that beautiful. 

Among other things, I had a lot of iberico ham (which is super good by the way) and had a lot of shushi and also may have shopped. A lot.

I am currently back in Belgium and strugging to wake up for school because the morning temperatures make me love my bed even more. 

I’ve signed up for a bunch of stuff this week and find myself unable to currently express all things I see and feel but I hope to get back on track soon! 

Off to the local markets

Until later 

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  1. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Alicante . It is really nice city 🙂
    I invite to see my post Alicante :

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    1. Hey! I’m in Alicante for another few day right now. I’d love to check out your post ^.^


      1. Thank you !
        So great ! I wish you nice stay there and a lot of more another trips 😛

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