Day 84- Around town 

School today was actually pretty good. Typical and boring at times but good nonetheless. I think I’m getting used to the weather but that’s probably because it’s increased into the double digits for some weird reason.

By the way, completely random fact: They don’t have QWERTY Keyboards here, which basically means I can’t type properly on their’s and neither on mine. I really need writing practice.

Me and my sister went to the Dilhome today, which is the old age home in our locality. It was so warm inside and it smelled of old people and sanitizer. I think it was a relatively new one because it looked all clean. I’m supposed to be a volunteer there for two weeks during my sister’s midterm exams because well, I can’t speak the language that well yet.

We were waiting to inquire about the details for my volunteering and there was this old lady sitting next to us and she was so adorable. You know, cute old people things like grey hair and wrinkly. You could tell she used to be gorgeous back in the day, still is.

She realized almost immediately that I wasn’t Belgian, apparently I’m not doing a very good job at being european. She asked me where I was from and she had this look of absolute joy when I said I was from India. While we were about to leave, she stopped to tell me that I was beautiful and it legit just made my day.

I want to be a little more like her.

Until Later



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