Day 90- Sinterklaas

The last week, me and my sister were alone at home for most of the time since our mother and brother were both out of the country. My sisters god mother came to take care of us for two days and she reminded me of my grandma so much. She made delicious pumpkin soup which tasted like those beautiful pictures of autumn. Turns out that pumpkin and cheese make a good combination. She is an absolutely amazing cook.

I was standing at the bus stop the other day and this really old man came up to me and told me I was pretty, I was standing with two classmates and they translated it for me. It was super cute until the guy asked me if I was married. Oh well.

We also had a really interesting day in school on Thursday.  Our PE teacher made everyone sit in a circle and pass a ball around. Only the person who had the ball could speak and everyone else would listen. We could talk about our frustrations and things that were troubling us. I wasn’t really involved but I could see that the class had a lot of unresolved drama. I think we could really use something like that in India. I like the whole sports scenario here. Every class has their PE class separately instead of everyone together and the teacher shuffles between different sports. So you have basketball, aerobics, handball, gymnastics, running etc. That way everyone gets exposure to different disciplines. I am not the sportiest of people but I really love the system of sports classes in school.

Today we have a Sinterklaas feest, which is a Sinterklaas party. Sinterklaas is a festival started after saint Nicholas, it’s like Santa Claus but it isn’t. The ideas overlap a lot though. It’s mostly celebrated in Netherlands, parts of France, Belgium and Switzerland. It’s when saint Nicholas comes from Spain on his steam boat and gives gifts to kids who’ve been good.

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