Day 96- Winter wonderland

Last Tuesday, I went for a meeting with the Brussels Writers Circle. Before I go any further, I really must add what a gorgeous place Brussels is in the winter. Everything is lit up and there is a certain warmth in the -2 degree air that surrounds the crowd. Another important detail is that the ground is mostly frozen even though there is no snow yet and I personally think that it is so so beautiful the way the ice highlights every vein in a leaf and every blade of grass. Anyhow, while most writers at the circle are a lot elder than I am and are working on novels that are to be published soon and are in the process, I kinda felt like I belonged.

It works like this, the reader for the day brings a number of copies of the excerpt/short story/ poem they will be reading and then distributes it among the people.  Following this the author reads out the piece and then the audience gets five minutes to formulate any questions they may have or any positive or negative feedback. Post this everyone shares their questions, comments or concerns and returns the copies to the author.

Personally I find this great because it’s a safe space that keeps all the attention on growth of the author as a individual. I really loved it. Plus, you get free hot chocolate! What’s not to love?

In other news, yesterday, I went with my friends to the Christmas market and we went on the Ferris wheel (obviously!) and then we went ice skating! It was actually pretty amazing. We were right in the middle of the city on a block of ice while people from the streets looked at us. Ice skating is a lot easier and a lot harder than I thought. Walking is not so much of a problem as gliding is, people make it look so easy. I don’t think I’ll get the chance to become really good at it but I do hope I can learn enough to be able to enjoy it instead of stiffening my body and trying to walk on ice.

I am extremely excited for December, it holds a lot of promise. 2016 has been an extremely bittersweet year and I’m not quite sure I’m ready to say goodbye yet.

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