Why 2016 was so important to me

  1. I don’t fear a stage anymore. I don’t have jitters of anxiety and pangs of restlessness when someone asks me to stand in the spotlight.I got to stand proud and perform poetry and own up to my mistakes. I’ve stood in front of my school auditorium and made an absolute fool of myself and the best part is, I’m just not scared to go after what I want anymore. 
  2. I distinctly remember how this year began. I went for a party with some of my favorite seniors and got bat shit drunk. And that’s okay. Because I also learnt how to get back up. I’ve been caught smoking and drinking and I’m not afraid to own up to that. I have learnt to be responsible for myself and bear the consequences of my own actions. I learnt how to accept myself instead of letting people dictate who I am. 
  3. I snuck out of my house for the first time this year. It was wild. I have never pictured myself for a girl who climbs over gates at 5am. But you know what? I loved every single part of it. Even though I learnt that it’s too dangerous for a girl in my city to be lying and sneaking around, it was worth it. 
  4. I learnt honestly this year. I learnt that sometimes when you just really want something, you go get it. Regardless of what any one says. I learnt to be honest and not the least bit apologetic for being opinionated. 
  5. I got over a guy this year. It was like finding something I thought I’d lost. I remember the distinct sound of my laughter echoing in the room when I realized that he didn’t give me butterflies anymore.  
  6. I found two new families this year. The first being those I spend my whole summer writing poetry with. The people who make me believe in the magic of words. And the second being my beautiful family Belgium, with their beautiful big hearts and patience. It was like finding home in corners of world you’d least expect it. 
  7. I went for a national confrence with my best friend this year. I had the three wildest nights of my life. I screamed from sun roofs and begged the shopkeeper to sell us ice cream at 2 am, only to end up eating a whole tub with a small plastic spoon. I learnt that it’s okay to be extremely wild sometimes. 
  8. I met new people this year. People from all across the world. I met people I am proud to know and I met people I want to inspire. I met people who can play with words and people who speak five languages fluently. I met people who are battling depression and people who would do anything to make the world a better place. 
  9. I felt a deep loss this year. I learnt what it was like to feel lost and scared when you lose someone you love. 
  10. I learnt that anything is possible, just as long as I wanted it bad enough. 
  11. I learnt that nothing is good or bad, just different. 
  12. I made a business pitch and I stood proud in front of the mirror. I learnt that there’s always more to what meets the eye and that ideas are as limitless as you want them to be. 
  13. I organized a poetry event this year. I learnt how good  feels to inspire the people around you. To give them an opportunity to be whoever they want, even if just for a while. 
  14. I learnt that people often underestimate the power of a deep breath and chamomile tea. 
  15. I remember four years ago when I started going for MUNs, I once said, “one day, I’ll go for Harvard MUN”. This year, I received my acceptance. I’m thankful for the many conferences I attended this year and how each of them taught me something new and found me capable enough to walk up to stage and decide the winners. It feels like a dream that came true but has now left a void that must be filled by new dream. It’s scary to suddenly not have purpose anymore. 
  16. I traveled a lot this year. I saw countries like Spain, London, Netherlands and Germany. I started to observe the human condition and it’s fear of purposelessness. I keep finding patterns and reasons everywhere I go now.
  17. I learnt about loss this year.I saw how things can change in minutes and leave us stranted with no end in sight. My childhood friend was diagnosed with cancer and it still feels too surreal to sink in. I learnt about fear and how sometimes fear and change people in ways they can’t anticipate.
  18. I learnt to love myself this year. Against all odds, I learnt that it’ll be okay. And even if it’s not, it’s okay to be miserable sometimes. 
  19. I turned sixteen this year and spent the day listening to different languages with people I’d known for four days. Sometimes it isn’t about how much you know people or how grand you can make your life seem. Sometimes it’s about the little things. 
  20. I wanted the stars with my best friend this year. I let the universe mesmorize me with it’s ways and learnt that it’s okay to give in to them once in a while. 
  21. I took a leap of faith. I took a risk that changed my life forever. For good. I learnt that unless you’re taking risks, are you even fighting for something worthwhile? 
  22. I gave a lot of love this year and I felt a lot of love in return. If there’s anything this year has taught me the most, it is to do what makes you happy; no matter how unacceptable it may be sometimes. 


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