Day 127- An overview of the past month

Busy, would be an understatement for how the past month has been.

The first half of December was spent volunteering at the Old age home near school. The first week was honestly slightly unhinging, I met people who were losing their whole personalities and had nothing left to do but to wait for death to take them away. The second week was considerably better, lots of families brought their children to visit their grandparents for Christmas, if fact I sat with them an made hand made Christmas trees from foam cones and leaves. I spent my final few days there, making fruit salads, feeding the old people, playing bingo with them and decorating the halls for Christmas. I plan to continue, the people there are so positive and humble and they just sorta surround the people around them in this happy bubble.

Me, my sister and her boyfriend went to Leuven. Which is a very popular city in Belgium. I had bubble tea for the first time and the amount of jokes that were cracked about the little bubbles, is not even funny anymore. After that we hogged on candy and popcorn while watching Assassins creed since I had already seen Fantastic beasts with a friend I made a the old age home. It was a busy week for me and my sister because that Friday, we also went to watch Dmitri Vegas and Like mike which was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to. It was in a stadium kinda place so we did waves across the stadium and those standing in the center watched, they threw champagne on the crowd, it was loud and so amazing.

We visited Germany for the Christmas market and ate schnitzels. They’re my new favorites. We didn’t shop a lot but we visited a cathedral and saw those old confession boxes. They’re really small honestly but they have this daunting feeling about them. Post my sisters exams ended and Christmas was closer than ever, we decorated the Christmas trees at my host moms company and at home. Honestly, Christmas trees are just so beautiful. It made me realize that what we usually see is just this down trodden version of it, but the again, it isn’t really a part of our culture. Golden balls, pink ribbons and small angles were shining from ever corner and every street. It was like the perfect deception of warmth and love.

Since Santa isn’t a huge thing in Europe, on Christmas eve, the whole family gathered around the tree and everyone exchanged gifts one by one It was so exciting and cute. I loved every part of it. Specially the dinner because we had this grill kinda thing on the table and everyone picked different meats and cooked them on the table and ate them with potato salad and cheese. Cool huh?

I honestly really lie the traditions of Christmas It’s a very family thing.

I am currently in Spain, basking in the sun and spent the last days of 2016 in London. Will catch up on that soon.

Until later


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