Day 137- Throwback to London

My mother had studied in London for a few years when I was a child. I always believed it was extremely brave of her to pursue her education regardless of what life threw at her. Needless to say, I’ve always wanted to go to London. It was fairly hectic since it was just four days and well, London needs more days to really appreciate its beauty.

Anyhow. Personally, seeing Big Ben had always been on my bucket list but it was a slight disappointment, mostly because you expect it to be taller and for some reason I thought you could go inside and do something, but it’s….just there. It’s a similar situation with the London Eye. It’s so expensive and there’s so many people that it, kinda kills the charm. Although the view is worth it.

We went to build a bear and built a teddy bear. It was so adorable. The give you these small hearts that you wish on and they put it inside the teddy. Cute right? Oxford street is just gorgeous. Specially with the Christmas decorations and the crowd and the red buses.

Most of all, the highlights were the London dungeons, A place which shows you the history of London as you go from room to room, I should add though it’s kinda scary. The second was the Buckingham Place, we didn’t visit the state rooms and all but it’s so majestic and grand. It gave me chills. The third was the musical “Wicked”, it’s such a wonderful work of art with some absolutely amazing actors and one hell of a twist to the original story. Lastly, I loved the British Museum, although it could use a little more efficient organization.

The best part however, was our walk next to the Thames, from the Big Ben to the London Bridge. On the way, me and my sister ran into an old man who had laid  lot of letters on the ground. They were all pieces and bits of poetry that he wrote for people and things he came across. His inspiration was from the Chinese monks who would wrap a single piece of poetry in layers of boxes and gave it to their guests as a present. He recited a poem to us and told us we could pick and take any of our choice back home and donate money if we wished to. It was so refreshing to see someone so selflessly trying to bring a little magic back into the world.

All in all, I felt London was slightly overrated but definitely deserves it’s place on your bucket list. I also sent post cards for the first time, it’s kinda fun, Feels very old school.

I think I could use another trip there. Can’t get enough of afternoon teas, late night walks an long escalators in a weird underground system, can we?


Until Later

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