Day 138- The woman next door

Last week me and my sister went around the street to sell waffles for the scouts. There was a house on the street next to ours which was so lavish. You could see the Christmas decorations and china dishes from the window. We went inside and began our usual drill, “Hallo, wil je waffles kopen” (Hello, do you want to buy waffles?), The lady looked at us and mimicked that she was deaf and dumb. From the words that she did try to whisper, it seemed that she was a native french speaker but way too unclear to be able to send her message across.

We considered leaving but instead showed her the page we had for receipts and the choices of waffles available.She agreed to buy some and invited us inside to complete the transaction. Every house we had been to so far had only bought one box of a particular type, however this lady bought 5 of each kind, which was about 20 boxes of waffles and told us to give them to disabled children, I think that’s what she said since she told us to fill in our own address in the delivery address. She paid about 115 euros for something she didn’t want or need but to just simply be a part of something and help.

Before we left, she asked me and my sister to give her a kiss. It was absolutely overwhelming to see the smile on her face.

Such people reinstate my faith in humanity.

Image result for belgian waffles

Until later

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