To the troubled soul

Thank you for existing and being alive. Thank you for not giving up on yourself. People may think that this isn’t much of an achievement but from the bottom of my heart, I salute you for getting up each morning and facing whatever life throws at you. I am a deep believer of the fact that humans, as individuals do not have a purpose on a micro level. I believe that all we have is now and so not doing something that makes you happy, takes away our only shot at a purpose.

As you read this letter, our paths are colliding. Even if just for a brief period of time. And so today I want to tell you to not give up. Not on your dreams, not on the people around you, not on the people you love, and most importantly, not on yourself. See the thing is, when you stop believing in the good things around you, the darker things take a front seat. Our demons tend to be smarter and faster but definitely not stronger. There will be those days where you will want to give up on the world around you and let everything you know to be true come shattering down. But there will also be days when the sunrise will make you glow from the inside and inspiration will fill you with happiness and comfort. On those days, fall in love with yourself again.

Do not let this world make you bitter. The sun will always rise again and tomorrow will be here before you know it. The past is just a series of moments that do not exist anymore, it is up to you what you chose to do with them.

So take a deep breath, make some tea and smile. I hope you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, if not, just enjoy the rainbow anyway.

I hope 2017 brings you everything you rightly deserve and more. Surround yourself with positive vibes and just keep swimming.

Until Later,

The girl behind the veil



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