Citizens Talk 9.0

“So there is a lot of gossip, But what is going on is that the people are done with the government, and we want to change it. So there are massive protests throughout the country. And the groups armed by the government are killing people in the protests, even the National guard is not letting people protest. The take people away and they use tear gas and things like that.

My family in Venezuela is okay so far, Because I live in Caracas but not that close to the center, they don’t really get involved with the protests and all. But I want something to happen, I want it to end. For the better, For the best to happen. For the country to be better. Because we’ve suffered enough.

I think that is important for people to know. Because normally in these cases the government either says that everything is okay or they, at least in this case, say that it is the fault of another group. Because they want to destroy the stability of the country, and so far, they’re succeeding.” 
  • -A concerned Venezuelan student


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