Citizens Talk 14.0

“​I have successfully almost finished the first year of university in a different country, after having lived with my parents for the first 18 years of my life; I can say with complete certainty that I have never learnt more things than I did these last 11 months. I can quite accurately compared my experience … Continue reading Citizens Talk 14.0

Citizens Talk 12.0

“One year ago around the same time I was learning French using an app. I didn’t know at the time I would meet this amazing girl that would turn into my girlfriend and we would spend some amazing eight months together, even though it was long distance, we were in love, everything started with a … Continue reading Citizens Talk 12.0

Day 267- Bus 129

When you’re on an exchange. Every little thing, action and movement towards you starts to matter. Such as when cars stop to let you pass through, or when someone makes an extra effort to help you. Specially the routes and things you see everyday. Bus Number 129 leaves from near my house towards my school … Continue reading Day 267- Bus 129

Citizens Talk 11.0

“It i​sn’t easy returning to your old, “normal” life after the most wonderful 3 months ever. You have to keep up with school again, you have to get used to that everything still looks the same while you’ve been through a lot of changes, you have to accept that some people are already getting tired … Continue reading Citizens Talk 11.0