Citizens Talk 11.0

“It i​sn’t easy returning to your old, “normal” life after the most wonderful 3 months ever.

You have to keep up with school again, you have to get used to that everything still looks the same while you’ve been through a lot of changes, you have to accept that some people are already getting tired of your stories which you are so proud of, you have to deal with the constant pain of missing people, your home, your life, you start to figure out that you will never be completely at home again because a part of your heart always will be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for getting so much out of an experience. After all, this exchange is something worth missing. 

3 months feels WAY too short. Time goes incredibly fast but this isn’t only applicable for trimester students, also for people who go for a year. The difference between those two is that trimester-people have a shorter amount of fastgoingtime, so procrastinating is off the list. Year-people have a bigger amount of fastgoingtime so they don’t feel that “rushed”.  I think we quite experience the same things, trimester people just do it on higher speed than year people. – Theory of Charlotte 
But one thing is clear: at the end, the only thing that’s the same for both is saying goodbye. Goodbyes are never easy and probably the shittiest things ever. If I stayed for a year, it still would’ve been so damn hard to say goodbye. I was already on the edge of dying for 3 months. 

Yeah, maybe 3 months isn’t enough. You don’t fully control the language yet, you’re getting used to your lovable exchangestudentife, you still want to spend more time with the awesome people you met, you feel like you could’ve done so many more things if you stayed for a year, … You want more time, more experiences, more. 


It surely is enough to start loving a country to the fullest, caring about people you can consider as one of your dearest, making memories you will never be able to forget and building a second life that became the most valuable thing to you.
And all of this only in a short period of a 100 days.”– An ex exchange student 

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