Day 267- Bus 129

When you’re on an exchange. Every little thing, action and movement towards you starts to matter. Such as when cars stop to let you pass through, or when someone makes an extra effort to help you. Specially the routes and things you see everyday.

Bus Number 129 leaves from near my house towards my school everyday. It’s start station is Dilbeek Zuurweide and ends at Brussels North and vice versa. Since it is the only bus that goes to my school and the very important Brussels north station (from where I take almost all my trains) and because I’m too lazy to bike to places, I’m extremely well versed with the route of this bus.

It’s a part of my daily life in Belgium. Whether it’s snowing, or raining or sunny, I can always count on it to pick my up at 7:47 in the morning and pick me from school at 4:05 pm. I must confess though, in the evenings, it is almost never on time. But if someone from Delhi does not understand traffic problems, who will?

The bus drivers are almost always extremely nice and kind. They go out of their way to help you if you’re lost. This may seem like very little, but having taken this bus almost every single day of my exchange, it’s more a part of my life than you’d think. Specially being someone who has avoided public buses her entire life.

So a thank you to the one bus that has always kept me from getting lost and being there no matter where I need to go.

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