Citizens Talk 13.0

“One day I was sitting at the McDonald’s in France, I didn’t have WiFi so I was using some from them, but I couldn’t use the tables to sit down until I didn’t order something.

I went inside and ordered a big Fanta, took it outside and sat on the last table near the newspaper stand. Minutes later, this old lady sits down near my table, she and her friend. The day was sunny, the streets were busy, it was interesting looking at people minding their own business and try to create stories about what that might do or where that one might go.

Something caught my attention near the old ladies table, one of them had left and only one was still sitting. I was going to visit the Louvre that day but since I had no idea how to get there and after getting lost in the metro lines a few times already, I decided to get some courage and ask the old lady for some directions in french.

“You go down the road and take the X metro” she replied following which she asked me where I am from.

“Romania” I said, and she had a smile on her face while listening to that, she had an old friend that was from Romania, she hadn’t seen him in a long time, she was old, but she could still carry herself pretty well for her age.

Her life was full of adventures, living in Greece and falling in love, moving to Spain to get away from her husband to returning back to Paris in the 90’s, everything seemed so easy, so natural, so much better back then, I was in trance listening to this old stranger telling me about her life, I could feel that hot Spanish sun, taste those amazing margaritas and smell that olive oil, she had a way with words this one.

France made me fall in love, made me meet amazing places, meet amazing people that will be with me forever and french broke my hearth too! All in all me and it, we had a crazy run! Can’t wait to see what German has in store for me! I have never experienced any negative episodes in any country, no racism, not anything, just love. Maybe it’s just me, but people are lovely if you only sit down and are willing to listen!”

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