Day 296- How to get used to the idea of returning home

How to get used to the idea of returning home:

i. Step into your favorite bar in your host country. Breathe in the scent of conversations flying around and people you are existing with. Let nostalgia take over.

ii. Forget the idea of life back at home. You are on the cusp of the most heart wrenching feelings you may ever know. The world can wait.

iii. Meet all the friends you made this year. Envelope yourself in the colorful flags of countries you long to visit. You will find yourself a home there.

iv. Understand that no one at home will ever quite understand how you feel. Some adventures must be lived alone.

v. Greet all your feelings like an old friend. Feel alive in your last moments in a country that will forever be home. You are about to be reborn, better than you could ever imagine.

vi. Bleed in ink. Write about your favorite memories, drunk days and one’s where you locked yourself in the washroom just so you could cry a little. Remember how the leaves of the countryside or the pavements in the city called out your name. Bask in the glory.

vii. Let go of the past you’re hoping to return to. You will never return to being the person you were. If you’re not moving forward, you’re only going backwards, right?

viii. Your last days will be your most confusing ones. You will find yourself lost in a daze that you will sometimes not fully understand. Memorize your eternity in a year.

xi. Pack a new life in a suitcase. Take it with you like a symbol of pride and memories you will carry in your heart.

x. Pat yourself on the back. You made it.

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  1. That last line though ❤

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  2. “Understand that no one at home will ever quite understand how you feel.”
    Oh, how true it is.
    Great post, I couldn’t have told it in a better way.

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