Day 310- A Trip to Waterloo

Present day Waterloo, is nothing but low lying lush green hills that leave almost no trace of the battlefield that they lay on.

They are the subtle screams of canons and gunfire echoing through empty lands that still remember the bloodshed they hide beneath the smell of fresh grass.

When I relive history in Waterloo, I imagine a forty six year old Napoleon ordering his troops covered in soot and dirt.

You see, that’s the thing about being in a place that holds historical significance, you can’t help but picture the very ground you stand on being obliterated by decisions you have only read about in history books.

You can’t help but wonder what life was like in a time that most of the daily technology we use today was not in existence. When there was an entire world yet to be discovered.

Present day Waterloo is everything a battlefield should be after treacherous wars, calm, peaceful, and undisturbed. A reminder of horrors entwined with peace.


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