To the woman who finds her heart in empty alleys and broken doorways too often;

To the woman who finds her heart in empty alleys and broken doorways too often;

i. When men tell you that they want to wrap their drunken slurs around your fragile body. Tell them that you are no ones present or dream. You are a warrior. A hopeless romantic slaying the dragons of pseudo relationships and sweet nothings.

ii. When he pulls you closer in the hopes that the cracks will seem less visible in the dark, wriggle out of the puzzle he is trying to complete with your sweet scent and loving heart. You deserve better than to be a catalyst in his healing process.

iii. When he pretends like you will never find anything better than him; throw back your whiskey and smile. Tell him that your best friends will always find love in all your quirks any second of the day and you do not need his love to feel whole.

iv. When you find yourself crumpling under the weight of all things beautiful. Find your little corner in your balcony and watch as hotels and city lights flicker. Remind yourself that the world will shake at the chaos you leave behind.

v. When you need someone to share your midnight ice cream with on kitchen counters; or hold you close while you count the times this world has let you down.

Find me;

And we will conquer the world together.

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  1. I can’t understand where to find you though..

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      1. Are you on whatsapp?


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