Tea or Coffee? Both.

Today, in this very brief yet very important (only because it contributes to my procrastination before midterms) post, I am going to tell you something about myself that any guy or girl that wants to me take me out on a date should know (not that there are many of you).

Todays world is constantly split between one of two extremes: Black and white; left wing and right wing; How I met your mother and friends; pro choice and assholes; people with a sweet tooth and people I don’t understand; people who are good at math and the rest of the world…the list goes on. There seems to be no middle ground, or grey area so to speak, which makes it exceedingly difficult for people like me to explain to people that my preferences change as fast as a cheetah on cocaine (which I assume is pretty fast).

So coming back to the more important question here: Can an individual be a tea and a coffee person?

In the past few days of my existence as an adult (only legally) I have come to realise that there are very few people who like both tea and coffee. Frankly, I used to always think that people who like coffee could use some more unicorns in their life but it seems that coffee may not always be the bitter bean water it seems.

Another important thing to note here is that is only one acceptable way to drink either beverage, Tea- when my mother makes it, and coffee- when my father makes it. All else is a lie.

Now coming to why I consider myself a person who appreciates both drinks but can make neither properly. Coffee and Tea each have their own aesthetic. Coffee goes hand in hand with hectic schedules, lists, long nights, and you just know it reeks of capitalism. Coffee is like that one kid in high school who lates everyone but everyone secretly wants to be like. And then there’s tea. Tea reminds me of yoga, and peace, and sitting in forest listening to a nearby waterfall. You just can’t go wrong with tea, it’s accepting, and kind, and warm. I like to think that if tea were a person it’d be like those zen people who freak you out just by being so calm that you think they’re high or something.

Basically, Tea and Coffee are like the ultimate balance one needs in life. Tea will nurture you, be nice to you, give you hugs and kisses when you need sensitivity around you, whereas coffee will slap you hard across your face when you’re being an idiot and not studying for an exam that is two days away.

I’m gonna go make myself another cup of coffee.

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