I have always been great at making lists, Colour coding different tasks and beautifying them only to strike them off once the job was done, It gives me a sense of satisfaction, as though the more tasks I complete; the more I had achieved. Some days I wonder if your list comprised only of the … Continue reading 18/09/2018

Citizens Talk 15.0

“Are you an introvert? Or an extrovert? Or an extroverted introvert? Or maybe an ambivert? Why so many labels? Why so many questions? I’m a human being, I like to talk to people but I don’t particularly enjoy going towards a person and talk to them. However, I have no problem whatsoever talking to people … Continue reading Citizens Talk 15.0

Belgium- Day 3

8:30 am; 2 September 2016¬† Personally, I can’t decide whether it’s getting easier or harder to be here. On one hand I feel like I’m getting more and more comfortable as the days pass and on the other I keep singling out things I miss about India. 10:00 am; Town Hall¬† My host brother took … Continue reading Belgium- Day 3

Belgium- Day 1

31 August 2016; 04:00 am; Indra Gandhi International Airport (Terminal 3) I leave the comfort of a place I have been calling home for the past eleven years. The reality of it all hadn’t quite sunk in until I called my best friend and discussed the possibility of meeting  upon y return. On the fabric … Continue reading Belgium- Day 1