Citizens Talk 10.0

“Belgians can be very conceited. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but everyone always think they’re right and everything is always a competition about being right without actually knowing facts.  The kids here are always complaining about their marks but I’ve never actually seen anyone bother to study or even take … Continue reading Citizens Talk 10.0

Citizens Talk 9.0

“So there is a lot of gossip, But what is going on is that the people are done with the government, and we want to change it. So there are massive protests throughout the country. And the groups armed by the government are killing people in the protests, even the National guard is not letting people protest. The … Continue reading Citizens Talk 9.0

Citizens Talk 7.0

“Once I’ve been on a trip to Poland with a group of Wallonian people and that was fun. It was funny because there Dutch was so horrible that I had to try to speak French. I noticed there is of course a huge linguïstic gap, but also a slight cultural one. It’s like in France … Continue reading Citizens Talk 7.0

Citizens Talk 6.0

“I lived in Mexico with my sister and mom for two years. I’m half Mexican and my sister and I wanted to explore that side of our heritage.  I feel that the people in Belgium are not as open as in mexico, not just in the way of accepting different cultures but also in the … Continue reading Citizens Talk 6.0

Citizens Talk 5.0

“​Is there anything you’d change about Belgium?“ “Well, I would say the social view we have could use a change. It’s not that the people are rasict or something but they tend to be pretty close minded or really negative in general. For example, I have morrocan roots and people suspect every move I make just because … Continue reading Citizens Talk 5.0