Spain- Day 242

I realized I haven’t blogged about Spain half as much as I should’ve. After all, I did spend about a month of my exchange there. The first thing you notice about Alicante, is that there’s no hurry. Everyone seems to be so at ease and focusing on the now. It’s among the only places where … Continue reading Spain- Day 242

Citizens Talk 7.0

“Once I’ve been on a trip to Poland with a group of Wallonian people and that was fun. It was funny because there Dutch was so horrible that I had to try to speak French. I noticed there is of course a huge lingu├»stic gap, but also a slight cultural one. It’s like in France … Continue reading Citizens Talk 7.0

Citizens Talk 6.0

“I lived in Mexico with my sister and mom for two years. I’m half Mexican and my sister and I wanted to explore that side of our heritage.  I feel that the people in Belgium are not as open as in mexico, not just in the way of accepting different cultures but also in the … Continue reading Citizens Talk 6.0

India’s daughter

In utter chaos, between missiles and airstrikes; refugees and war; drugs and abuse; danger and darkness. There lay a hospital in a small city of India. Clean white tiles and the smell of hygiene reeked from the newly built four walls. Overwhelmed by tears, friends and family rejoiced around the little ball of beauty that … Continue reading India’s daughter