Spain- Day 242

I realized I haven’t blogged about Spain half as much as I should’ve. After all, I did spend about a month of my exchange there. The first thing you notice about Alicante, is that there’s no hurry. Everyone seems to be so at ease and focusing on the now. It’s among the only places where … Continue reading Spain- Day 242

Day 25- Belgium

How to survive being an exchange student in 5 simple steps: Month 1 (Easy version) (i) Immerse yourself in the language. Notice how listening to things you don’t understand all day gives you a slight headache in your left temple and all of a sudden you’re aware of how numb your body feels. Regret your … Continue reading Day 25- Belgium

Dear schools and colleges,

It is absolutely sick how you’ve made everything about grades and popularity. It breaks my heart to see great minds rot away to nothing simply because they aren’t like yours. The thought of someone being even a little different becoming an outcast only because you fail to give them a chance, makes me want to … Continue reading Dear schools and colleges,