Citizens Talk 11.0

“It i​sn’t easy returning to your old, “normal” life after the most wonderful 3 months ever. You have to keep up with school again, you have to get used to that everything still looks the same while you’ve been through a lot of changes, you have to accept that some people are already getting tired … Continue reading Citizens Talk 11.0

Citizens Talk 4.0

“There are a lot of good things here but like the structure of our country isn’t right according to me. I think everything should be dicided or on a federal level (state of Belgium) or on the level of the regions (Flanders, Wallonia, Brussels). I don’t know what would be the best system but I … Continue reading Citizens Talk 4.0

Day 25- Belgium

How to survive being an exchange student in 5 simple steps: Month 1 (Easy version) (i) Immerse yourself in the language. Notice how listening to things you don’t understand all day gives you a slight headache in your left temple and all of a sudden you’re aware of how numb your body feels. Regret your … Continue reading Day 25- Belgium