Diaries of an alcoholic

People can start to feel like a distant memory; folded away between an old copy of wuthering heights. You know the kind. They start to resemble drunken nights, The events of the past begin to shape-shift into distorted images and blurs. Only sometimes, you don’t want to wake up with no recollection of what went … Continue reading Diaries of an alcoholic

Day 25- Belgium

How to survive being an exchange student in 5 simple steps: Month 1 (Easy version) (i) Immerse yourself in the language. Notice how listening to things you don’t understand all day gives you a slight headache in your left temple and all of a sudden you’re aware of how numb your body feels. Regret your … Continue reading Day 25- Belgium


Tormented by her nightmares Haunted by reality; In daily struggle to break free, Words were her surrender absorbed a world too blinded to wonder. Secrets hidden under exultant eyes, nights with psychedelic memories; vague flashes shadowed by sluttish confidence Inhibitions slowly fading under psychoactive spells. Magic no longer caused awe. Numb and blunt; It was … Continue reading Psychotomimetic