Citizens Talk 10.0

“Belgians can be very conceited. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my friends but everyone always think they’re right and everything is always a competition about being right without actually knowing facts.  The kids here are always complaining about their marks but I’ve never actually seen anyone bother to study or even take … Continue reading Citizens Talk 10.0

Spain- Day 242

I realized I haven’t blogged about Spain half as much as I should’ve. After all, I did spend about a month of my exchange there. The first thing you notice about Alicante, is that there’s no hurry. Everyone seems to be so at ease and focusing on the now. It’s among the only places where … Continue reading Spain- Day 242

Citizens Talk 7.0

“Once I’ve been on a trip to Poland with a group of Wallonian people and that was fun. It was funny because there Dutch was so horrible that I had to try to speak French. I noticed there is of course a huge lingu├»stic gap, but also a slight cultural one. It’s like in France … Continue reading Citizens Talk 7.0

“Hymn for the weekend- Coldplay” Controversy : An Indian girl’s opinion

Let me just begin by saying how much I love this song and adore it’s video as an Indian (and normal human being who doesn’t judge good music based on its video). Kudos to Beyonce and coldplay for taking more pride in some aspects of our culture than we have lately proven to and clearly … Continue reading “Hymn for the weekend- Coldplay” Controversy : An Indian girl’s opinion