Spain- Day 242

I realized I haven’t blogged about Spain half as much as I should’ve. After all, I did spend about a month of my exchange there. The first thing you notice about Alicante, is that there’s no hurry. Everyone seems to be so at ease and focusing on the now. It’s among the only places where … Continue reading Spain- Day 242

Relationship goals

My mum married her first love. My dad married his true love. Together, they gave me relationship goals that meant more than likes and comments. Sometimes, love is not poetic. It can hurt, yes. It can feel like a thousand beautiful dawns rising inside your body. But it’s not poetic. It’s not about those metaphors … Continue reading Relationship goals

My parents.

I know. I know. I’m not the best of daughters, but my parents? They couldn’t be any better. If you wanna learn parenting? They’re the ones to go to. From how to handle my mood swings, dealing with my midnight cravings, bad grades to how to punish me for the wrong I do. Yeah, I … Continue reading My parents.