Day 25- Belgium

How to survive being an exchange student in 5 simple steps: Month 1 (Easy version) (i) Immerse yourself in the language. Notice how listening to things you don’t understand all day gives you a slight headache in your left temple and all of a sudden you’re aware of how numb your body feels. Regret your … Continue reading Day 25- Belgium


She saw herself in the mirror. She saw a blemish on her cheek, a scar on her forehead, not too prominent; fading with time , she never saw the deep chocolate eyes she had ; Brimming with facts, with stories but most of all with so much warmth.  She saw herself in the mirror a … Continue reading Mirrors.

Raining Glass (Shared)

There she was, again. Sitting on the ice cold floor, demented, confused and curious. Her mind racing with terrifying thoughts, heart thumping and body covered in sweat, struggling to free her mind from restlessness. She was anxious and alone. All alone in that dark cold place, unaware of her surroundings. She was shaking. Shaking with … Continue reading Raining Glass (Shared)