Day 61- Spain

Hello everyone. Last Wednesday, our school took us to meet and talk to a Syrian Refugee. To tell you the truth, I’ve always wanted to learn more about pain. I believe that the lessons you can learn from even hearing about the pain someone has been through can move mountains. It’s a part of the … Continue reading Day 61- Spain

Day 25- Belgium

How to survive being an exchange student in 5 simple steps: Month 1 (Easy version) (i) Immerse yourself in the language. Notice how listening to things you don’t understand all day gives you a slight headache in your left temple and all of a sudden you’re aware of how numb your body feels. Regret your … Continue reading Day 25- Belgium


Dear revolution,  See I have burnt too many letters in the past to take words for granted again.  So when I have finally mustered the courage to write to you, know that it is the product of words I’ve left unsaid.  My words make love to each other like estranged souls Even if most ears … Continue reading Revolution. 

What good is war?

In a world, that today, stands still after the attacks in Brussels; the entire Muslim community is being held under doubt and scrutiny. In a world where some countries are more important than the others and the tremors of superiority complex are felt on an international level.  A world where it is understood that some … Continue reading What good is war?